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One of the most scenic walks of my whole life: Majestic landscape from Lauterbrunnen to Stechelberg

I waited a few days for the weather to clear out before doing outdoor activities in Switzerland. Switzerland has stunning natural scenery. One of the best in the world, but if the weather sucks- you may as well just be in Utah or something (Utah is amazing, but not insanely expensive like Switzerland). Its just very hard to appreciate the value of the place when you can't really see anything because of the fog, clouds, rain etc. Anyway, this is the most beautiful, short walk I have ever done in my life!

Surviving India as a solo female traveler

Ahhh...India. Everyday is an adventure in this exciting country. If you are thinking of visiting the country & wondering if you should go as a solo female- here is a long article of my personal experience. Hopefully it will help.

One of the cutest towns on Earth: the medieval town of Rothenburg

Germany is just littered with picturesque, quaint, postcard looking towns. Rothenburg is probably the climax of how cute these towns can get. It was hailed by the Nazis as the "most German of German towns". The town dates back to something like 1000 years ago. If you have just one day for the Romantic road, just skip all the other places & go here. Its soo cuuute!

Epic castle adventure to the real Disneyland

What do you get when you combine a gay king, lots of swans & wild imagination? The Neuschwanstein castle of course! The place was built around 150 years ago by Ludwig II when Bavaria was yet to be a part of Germany.  I did not realize the whole unified country of Germany is only about 150 yrs old. I guess Philippines is even younger, only about 70 years old (fully sovereign). Wow, the modern world as we know it feels pretty young. Anyway, Neuschwanstein was a blast! There's a corridor made to look like a cave! How awesome is that?!

Philippine cuisine

After traveling a little bit around the Philippines, I can finally confirm the stereotype that Pampanga has the best food in the country. Pinoy food is definitely an acquired taste. You pretty much have to know some foodie locals to get in on whats delicious. Its a hit & miss with cheap local turo-turo (cafeterias). Actually, ok- its always a miss. But its cheap, local food. Gatherings with friends or family always offer superb food. Here are some of the highlights...