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Doing the Turkey dance with Native Americans

Las Vegas Paiute Tribe Pow Wow Festival. For a few days, tribes from all over have a little reunion with singing & dancing competitions. Awesome trip suggestion from Vivian.

Highlights: Excellent photo opportunities. Doing the turkey dance with the tribe. Sights, music & different culture. 
Cast of Characters:  Joel & Vivian, my fellow photography enthusiasts 
Logistics/ Links: 
When: Memorial Day weekend (May 30, 2010) 
Location: Snow Mountain ext, US-95 North, Las Vegas 
Cost: $5 per person entry charge 
Trip Report: I used to say 'Living in US, I've seen more polar bears than Native Americans'. That's the end of that. The event is pretty cool. Its out in the middle of the desert, tents were set up. The 2010 event had better weather than the 2011 one (freakish winds ruined it for us). If you're planning to come to Vegas for a booze fest over Memorial Day weekend, here's something different to add to your itinerary.

Elaborate turkey inspired traditional dress
Joel stole my camera at some point during 1 of the shows. I sure hope the good pics were not all by him!

The event had different categories for their singing & dancing competitions. These were organized according to age groups

Navajo Bread- Yummy! The dough is fried I think...must be why its so good. Everything tastes better fried.

This is soo cute! The guy was giving the little girl a kiss & just stayed like that for a bit. Its like he knew they were being photographed by everybody or something.
Young Native American girls that were nice enough to pose.

Cute little kids
Of course the turkey dance with the villagers, Joel & Vivian. They invite everybody to participate after the competitions.

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