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The Gorgeous Water + Light show at Yangshuo

Liu Sanjie Impressions Light + Water show. The show brings out the essence of Yangshuo, the people's culture & their way of life. It’s set against the majestic karst landscape of the Yangshuo. They employ like half the population of the place for each nights show. The place is a giant amphitheater surrounded by mountains with the lake as the stage.

Highlights: As we took our seat, it was right before dusk. It was gorgeous seeing the sunset color the landscape. When it got dark, they lit up the mountains beyond (...the mountains!!). Almost each scene brings something impressive & amazing. The whole show is a highlight. Well, maybe except for the crowds as you leave.
Cast of Characters: Mamu, Mel & myself
Logistics/ Links: (I'll post a link when I find a good source)
When: I think the show is everyday. We went in August, 2010.
Location: Yangshuo, China. It’s something like a 15-20 minute ride (whatever transpo you can get) from the tourist center of Yangshuo.
Cost: I think about $25 +/-. This is the best $25 I've spent in China though.
Trip Report: We spent our first evening in Yangshuo watching this show. I thought it was amazing! Coming from Vegas, I’ve seen a lot of awesome shows & it set the standard up there. I wasn’t really expecting much from a small town in China. But I was really impressed. Some of it kinda gets lost because of the language. Mel got bored a bit. I liken the performance to the Cirque du Soleil shows when it comes to quality & grandeur. We saw the acrobatics shows in Beijing, I kinda felt like Cirque du Soleil ruined me for all other acrobat shows. So I didn’t enjoy that one as much. This is a much, much better new experience that connects you to the place.

One of my favorite China pics

I still don't know how they were able to maneuver around the lake with all those rafts, equipment & people...and they were on water! Hmm..
Close up of cast
The show was massive & grand right from the start. Backlit mountains beyond.

Awesome sets
Dream like scenes
Cormorant fisherfolks depicted in the show
Local girls. They had different scenes with the performers grouped by age.

The cast had funky techno-lit clothes that was synchronized to the music.

It was a huuge production. This is just a portion of the people involved.

Performances. I think this is where the boyfriend goes to rescue the girl & they both end up transforming into birds or something.

I kept asking our guide- where we can get the ultimate sunset pictures. I wasn't able to get a good response from her. So this is all I have...sigh. Oh well.

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