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Hiking Calico Tanks with a pack of Dunkin Donut munchkins

Calico Tanks is about a 2hr hike. Besides the first 2 trails in Red Rock, this hike offers the best trail experience in Vegas. First couple of times going, I thought the trail ends at Sandstone quarry. Don't make that mistake!

Highlights: Gorgeous scenery & excellent views of the city at the very end of the trail.
Cast of Characters First time I completed the trail was with Steve & his coworkers.
Logistics/ Links:
When: Fall is the best time to be in Vegas. Spring is 2nd, cause it gets extremely windy. For hiking, winter is 3rd. Unless you wanna die, don't hike in the summer. Although, I heard that Vegas is 1 of the few places in US where emergency helicopter service is free! During weekends, you'll hear choppers flying about ready to rescue people. 
Location: West Las Vegas. About 40 mins from the strip.
Cost: $7 entry per car.
Trip Report: The crew meets up at Dunkin Donuts by Summerlin before heading out. So I hiked with a cup of munchkins. I just know I'm destined for obesity.

Calico Tanks trail landscape. We heart Red Rock.


Trail head

A little break

Desert Life
Calico Tank

Gorgeous scenery at the end of the trail. Las Vegas beyond
Aaahhh...all that's missing is ice cream...hmmm..

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