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Biking Rural Yangshuo

Biking around the farm lands of Yangshuo. Its a pretty easy bike ride. The roads were well maintained & paved. We
started really early in the morning, around 6ish so there wasn't much traffic coming out of the town. Going back, it was a bit busier. You'd need to be more careful of cars driving by.

Highlights: Beautiful landscapes!!! We came across this cool little lotus garden, so we stopped & just went crazy with pictures.
Cast of Characters: Mamu, Mel & our local guide QinQin
Logistics/ Links: Link coming soon
When: We were there August 2010. It can be a bit hot. The weather is not so bad if you go early enough.
Location: Yangshuo, Guilin, China
Cost: This was included with our trip cost. See Made in China article.
Trip Report: This was a great excursion! Definitely a must-do when you're in town. This was a part of our tour. We just took off with our bikes into the rural areas. When it was time for our bamboo rafting trip, our guide arranged for our bikes to be transported. At the end of our rafting, we picked up our bikes and headed out to the water caves. Excellent trip idea!

Those hats look exotic, but they don't work very well. I was biking around the busiest parts of town when it fell right in front of my face. Maybe I just don't know the proper exotic hat wearing techniques.

Beautiful farmlands around Yangshuo
More landscapes. That's my guide (I couldn't get her name). She didn't speak English.
Some lotus plants off to the side
Farmers doing their thing
Bike ride past small neighborhoods.
Powerpuff girls
We biked into small, simple towns that look like this.
Hmm..not really sure what she's doing..
Farmer in Yangshuo, Guilin
That's right! lol
Lotus garden
We came across this lotus farm. They sell the seeds, good for women (fertility?!)
Beautiful lotus plants
This photo probably best captures the landscape you'll see as you bike around town. I just couldn't resist the cliche travel pose (arms stretched out).
Our excursion ended with lunch at a cafe at the base of Moon hill. It was around 1-2pm (hot & humid) so we declined the hike up to the top. I've seen other travelers pictures of the place though, and the views look magnificent.

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