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Death Hike at Jinshanling Great Wall

Death hike at Jinshanling portion of the Great Wall. Hiking this portion takes about half a day, at least 4 hrs. We were tempted to skip it because of the exhausting Gubeikou hike the day prior. Peter made us all go. He promised it would be worth it. It sure was! The trail was not any easier than Gubeikou. Expect a lot of steep inclines & trickier slopes.

Highlights: The whole experience is a highlight! Ok maybe minus the hawkers. It was great overall!
Cast of Characters: Mamu, Mel, Kih, Noemi & our local guide Peter
Logistics/ Links: Here's a map with some description.
When: We went in August, 2010. It rained a bit but the temperature was nice & cool. Still probably better to visit during spring or fall.
Location: Jinshanling, China.
Cost: This was included in our trip with Panda
Trip Report: This is definitely more touristy than the Gubeikou portion. We were there in the morning around 10am & there were maaaany tourists & touts. Probably not as bad as the Badaling portion though. Noemi was a bit disappointed with the Gubeikou Wall because of its unrestored state. They wanted cool photos with the more traditional looking, picturesque Great Wall. Jinshanling was just what they had in mind. Physical condition of the Wall is relatively good & the views are amazing! Gubeikou offered this raw, pioneer feel of exploring the Wall. Jinshanling is gorgeous & amazing in its own touristy way (like having your favorite meal at your fave restaurant kind of good). Weird comparison, I know.
Comfy & scenic Jinshanling Cableway on our way to the Wall. Beware: if you're planning a  trip here, I don't recommend starting from the Simatai entry point. Why? Because you literally have to climb mountains of stairs (at least 3-4 mountains). Going downhill is fine. We saw some poor tourists trudging along all worn out & they haven't even started the Wall yet.
Map of Jinshanling area. Blue line is the cableway path. We came from Jinshan hotel, the cable way check-in was walking distance close. We told off a lady selling us souvenirs by telling her we're about to head out using the cableway. She responded "I meet you at top!". Somehow, even by flying over those mountains, she was able to beat us to it on foot (we saw her do it).  Kih felt guilty & bought stuff. My wallet thanks my heart of stone.
First glimpse of the Wall at Jinshanling.

Breathtaking scenery!

What it looks like inside one of the forts.

Sweeet!!! We were happy campers singing joyful songs as we hiked along the trail.

This is a little drain coming from the top of the fort.

Portions of the wall in better condition.

Yeah, this was not the easiest hike. Steep, steep inclines.

Taking a break at one of the forts. Yes they do sell water here. There's a couple of food & water vendors along the way. Gubeikou just killed us!

Walk this way!

Kih with the classic tourist shirt

Noemi chilling out

We took a  break at every fort. Complete with beef jerky snacks.
Kih at the Wall
Nearing the end of the trail. Where did all the other tourists go? Did they have a shortcut we didn't know about? Haha! Check out Kih & Noemi with their own water bottles now! Novice hikers no more.

Happy trails
Ahh...vanity. Why else would I have my own special blog, all about me.

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  1. Thanks for this briiliant post and all the lovely pics--Your pictures are amazing. Just looking at those pictures make me want to climb the Great Wall of China now. I also found a great blog of Jinshanling travel tips, I’d love to share it here with you and for future travelers.


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