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Journey into Jesus town: Exploring Al Qasr

Al Qasr is a lost little medieval city in the middle of nowhere (Western Desert). Ancient village since 11th century or so.

Highlights: The whole experience of walking around an ancient town was like stepping back in time. Very cool.
Cast of Characters: Our guide Migo, Nora, Leslie, Val, Rick, John, Jack, Lewis, Glen
Logistics/ Links: Virtual tourist info, GAP Adventures
When: I went around mid- April. The weather was gorgeous, beautiful, perfect!
Location: Al Qasr, Dakhla Oasis. We had to do a 'desert jeep safari' to get to that part of the globe. I do not know how independent travelers do it.
Cost: This  excursion was included in the Gap Adventures trip cost
Trip Report: I've always thought of Egypt to be just pyramids. I had no idea it also had these magnificent temples & ancient architecture all over the place.This is another unexpected highlight of the trip. Of course, ancient Egyptians didn't really live in the temples. We haven't really seen any ruins of their villages at Luxor, Cairo or Alexandria. So it was amazing walking through the ancient architecture. You would feel like you're in a Jesus movie. Its a sin to miss this when you're in the area, especially because there's not much other attractions to see. 
Definitely one of my favorite pictures.

An example of my excellent photography skills, hehe.
There were a few locals going about the tiny town. There's veeery few locals. Residents at the oases part of Egypt just do not to go out during the day cause of the heat. There are more people out at 10pm than 10am. Hmm..kinda like Vegas. Must be a desert thing. People in Egypt also start their meals very late.
The residents are probably tired of exploring the ruins. They do business outside of Al Qasr & keep this ancient town somewhat closed off. I'm amazed the place has been preserved as good as it has. I'm just thinking if this was the Philippines, it probably would be...hmm...nothing good. Since the place is so far out in the middle of nowhere, we were the only tourists in the area which was nice! 
I shouldve photoshopped that stupid pole off.

Before we headed out to the White Desert, Al Qasr was our first stop. I didn't even know this was a part of our tour so it was a pleasant surprise. Later afterwards we drove to the White Desert for overnight camping.

Tiny tot playing.

This is a pretty cool, old looking house by the outskirts of Al Qasr. Wonder what the jug is for. Arabic writing looks artsy, even if its just graffitti it still looks nice. A lot of women wore dark blue outfits like this. The farther we got from the cities, the more conservative people dressed. They had full on burqas in Siwa (it looked kinda creepy).

The village slowly being swallowed by the desert.

The bldg about to collapse on us


Intricately carved door lintels are a major feature of the local architecture. It looks like they did some repairs. Its all awesome. They have simple architecture & tasteful details.

Migo led us around the ancient town. We passed by some houses, places for work, worship, townhalls etc.
This is where they hanged people. They had the noose from aaall the way up there.

Another example of my excellent photography skills. I don't think the locals like being photographed. I stole some shots anyway. Guess what the sign on the lower left says- "Don't take our F'n pictures!"

This was the village bell for when naked slaves arrived for auctioning off. 

The Brits asked me to take a picture of them running around all over the place. I think Jack was supposed to be the thief & Lewis was chasing after him to cut his hand off? Hmm..I forget.

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