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Lama Temple: What is up with freaky Buddhist art?!

I thought the Lama Temple is one religious building, but its actually a series of halls & courtyards arranged according to Tibetan Buddhist spiritual beliefs. Its a functioning temple, so photography inside is not allowed. Inside its mostly giant golden Buddha statues & weird hanging umbrella drapes. There is a ginormous Buddha statue at the very end. We explored the small museums adjacent to the prayer halls. See picture above for museum features.

Highlights: Magnificent architecture! Everything in ancient China is so beautiful & intricately detailed! Its amazing! You have to check out the museums too! I want whatever it is they were on, when they conjured up images of a 3 eyed creature with a crown of smiling skulls & a necklace of severed heads! Now that I think about it, their music is pretty freaky too.
Cast of Characters: Mamu, Kih, Noemi, Mel & our local guide Peter
Logistics/ Links:
When: We went in August. It was raining. Do not go to China in August. Fortunately it wasn't packed with tourists. Think they're open like 9-5, not sure what days. 
Location: somewhere in Beijing, China. We just took the subway checking out attractions around Beijing. It seemed pretty easy, we had a guide though. The subway maps have pictures of the tourist attractions on them. 
Cost: $3-5 per person entry charge 
Trip Report: was a pretty interesting excursion going through Lama temple with a hardcore communist tour guide. Peter explained the architecture, the history & symbolical meaning of everything in the temple. I can't explain cause I've forgotten. I did remember an interesting bit about how Tibet & the previous emperors in China's history have had overall a fairly good relationship. Not sure what happened between that & the Tibetan revolution, but its pretty clear religious & secular form of governance  rarely work side by side. Peter told us that in the past, the Tibetan lamas have always been a subordinate to the emperors. He says the current Dalai Lama is more a politician than a religious leader. I suppose that has changed now. I'm just always amazed at the world changes I'm witnessing in my lifetime so far.

Freaky art. We saw some more freaky masks in Shanghai museum

Exploring the Lama Temple

Love the architecture at Lama temple!

Waay cool! Everything is just so grand & intricate. They have a whole miniature dragon sculpture collection on their roofs!

Museums beside the temples & courtyards

Stolen shot of one of the Buddhas inside the temple. Peter explained how when Buddhism (originated from India) was making its way to China- it was weird for Chinese women to have altars in their homes of hippie looking Indian men. So the appearance gradually changed, the eyes got smaller, Buddha's image became more feminine. What's left over though- Buddha's still shown to have ringlets for the frizzy hair origins.

Incense burning
Tired tourists. I think we tried to do too much on this trip.

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