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Pooping at the Shanghai TV Tower

 Evening out at Oriental Pearl TV Tower. Hands down our crappiest experience in wait, the whole China. Our guide (a Shanghai local ) thought this would be a cool to do for us. I live in Las Vegas, Stratosphere looks just like this one. They have a glass floor on the top for an unusual sight seeing experience. We went to the place after our sunset boat cruise. There is also a museum open to tourists.

Highlights: no highlights!...ok, the views were nice.
Cast of Characters: Mamu, Mel, Kih, Noemi & our local guide
Logistics/ Links: some info
When: It was a bit warm & humid when we went in August 2011. Its ok. Do not go on weekends, during summer, while there is a world expo going on.
Location: Shanghai, China
Cost: Around $25 for the full experience.
Trip Report: We went early in the evening. The lines were insane. I hate lines & crowds. I don't mind it if the attraction is worth it, but this is definitely not. The lines wrap around the bldg. We don't really know where the entrance is & you don't see how bad the line is because it wraps around the bldg. So at first we weren't really thinking about it. 1hr later we were beginning to wonder what the hell is going on. But after investing an hour into the line its hard to just leave! 2hrs later we still were not in the bldg, my brain has melted into a pulp & am reduced into a catatonic state. 3 hrs later we made it inside the bldg. Then we could see how bad the lines were. I was ready to shoot our guide. He said he's never seen it that bad. There were a lot of people from the rural provinces of China. How can I tell? Because this fellow tourist walked out to the side of the lobby & let his son front of the main lobby. The maintenance lady put down some newspapers & the kid did his business. Afterwards they just wrapped it up like nothing and went back in line...right next to us. We were just trying to suppress our disgust & laughter & trying to move away from them as much as possible. I thought it was something unusual for most folks over there because I noticed a lot of shocked heads turned when they just let the kid dump right there. Interesting experience. 

TV tower from the line right outside the bldg

The lines were f'g crazy! This is not the line to get to the attraction. This is the line for the freaking exit!!! Just exiting the bldg took at least an hour as well!!! So yeah...we waited hours in line for a 20min experience.
Elevator tower inside the bldg. Cool lighting. The elevator has a limited capacity, not enough for the gazillions of tourists. That's why it took forever.
This is the tower lobby. The bldg isn't really set up to handle tourists that's partly why it sucked. We met some Indonesian tourists in line ahead of us. It was pretty funny because we met them again the very next day in line for the World Expo.

Nice view at the top. We paid for the whole tower/ museum experience. You access the museum as you exit, but since the lines were sooo bad they were already closed when we were done.  >=O
Poor tired tourists made it to the top. Glass view deck. Its funny how soo many people went through the hassle of getting to the top floor but were too afraid to set foot on the glass floor. Afterwards, we lined for the exit to head on home.  We went there around 7-8pm and made it out closer to midnight. You can just imagine how it was like competing with thousands of other tourists for a taxi ride home (no other forms of transpo available so late). Yes it took a while. I think we got home (no dinner as everything was closed) closer to 1 or 2am. Sigh. Sorry this post was more like a rant. Its just unbelievable how so many things went wrong.

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