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The Real Warriors of the Terra Cotta Army

An afternoon visit exploring the clay necropolis  of the Terra Cotta warriors. It was pretty cool how the 'first' guy to discover the place was there in person & signing autographs! My sister got a signed copy of the book. Our guide (or rather, Mel's personal guide) showed us around the museum complex. He told us how the warriors only comprise of 1 part of the yet unearthed parts of the necropolis. I'm imagining a whole terra cotta city with an emperor's palace complex, commoner's village etc. The scans of the rest of the place shows high mercury levels though, so too dangerous to excavate. Anyway, all they will probably see are shards of clay. That is exactly what they found when they discovered the warriors. A heap of broken clay. There was only 1 surviving artwork which was a kneeling archer. I honestly have no idea how they pieced all of this back together. Especially if each one of them supposedly has a unique face. You usually need a picture to see what the finished puzzle is supposed to look like right? 

Highlights: I am just amazed at the original artists & the folks that pieced everything back together!
Cast of Characters: Kih, Noemi, Mamu, Mel & our local guide who was not super great so I wont even mention him
Logistics/ Links: some info
When: August, 2011. It was drizzling when we went. We encountered some heavy rains occasionally around Beijing & Xian. But not too bad that it ruined the experience.
Location: Xian. Population 8M, not as bad as Beijings 30M. We took a hard sleeper train from Beijing to Xian. That was pretty interesting experience
CostThe entrance fee is about $17. This was part of our tour. I don't think you need a guide because they have a lot of info & videos posted about.
Trip ReportFor some reason I was not super amazed with this attraction. The thought of a whole clay city being made by artists is very impressive. Maybe its the thought that the statues are all just recreated, I don't know. Lately, I've been saving all my money for 'WOW' experiences. I didn't think this was one of them. Its still a shame to miss them though because of the rich history. We explored the museum for about 3 hrs or so.

The crew in front of the museum. Noemi never jumps.
Terra cotta warriors. It was nice to hear the story about how the farmer became famous after discovering the site. There were plenty of other people before him who found it, but they just looted the place. The farmer was recognized by the government for his honesty & contribution.

Each sculpture has a unique face. I don't know...they all look the same to me- racist!

The warriors depicted different military classes. They even had terra cotta chariots!

Cool hat dude

The artists hard at work. I just noticed the "no photos allowed" right after taking this shot. These guys are the real unsung heroes of the terra cotta warriors.

The ancient artists carved their names on the footplate. If their work was unsatisfactory, they get shot. That's what our guide said.

At another museum building.

This was pretty much the condition in which they discovered the warriors
Kih & Noemi at the museum

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