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Step back in time exploring an ancient Chinese folk home

Beautifully preserved ancient folk home in one of the alleys of Xian Muslim quarters.

Highlights: Beautiful architecture. Lovely little courtyards. The place gives you an insight on how folks lifestyles were like back in the day before the internet. They have a little tea ceremony available too, you can hang out with the owners & they'll tell you stories & history of the place.
Cast of Characters: just myself
Logistics/ Links: I've scanned my ticket below
When: August, 2010. It was an ok time to go. Weather was a but warm but it was fine.You prolly need at least 2 hrs to explore just the folk home complex. More if you're a keen photographer. Even more if you want to do the tea ceremony & guided tour.
Location: Muslim quarters, Xian, China
Cost: Around $2.50
Trip Report: I love architecture. I don't think a trip is complete for me without experiencing the local architecture. This was a great find. The folk home was a maze of small alleys and corridors and cute courtyards. Wonderful photo opportunities abound. Make sure you stop by when you're in the area. Another plus- there's hardly any tourists when I went! 

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