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Death hike at Longji Rice Terraces

After our stay in Yangshuo, we headed out to Longsheng County for the Longji Rice terraces. Mamu was a bit tired from all the traveling & Mel was recovering from a cold. We have a 2-3 hr hike ahead of us to the hotel. Even if we were extremely exhausted, the trail is gorgeous! It was just spectacular landscape. The scenery rejuvenated us.  


Highlights: Beautiful landscapes!!!
Cast of Characters:  Mamu, Mel, our local guide Slim & myself. I like his English name- Slim.
Logistics/ Links: I'll post our guide's contact info as soon as unearth her card from my mess. You can actually arrange for trips out here coming from Yangshuo.Some info from wikitravel
When: We went mid-August of 2010. It was a bit warm. The terraces are lush green pretty
Location: Guilin, China
Cost: This was part of our tour package with Panda
Trip Report:  We started out at this reeally tiny village of Xiao Zhai. Its in the map (just to the left of the image No.2 Thousand Layers...). Gorgeous, beautiful hike! You actually have no choice but to do some hikes to get to the hotel.We stayed at the Dazhai Yao terrace fields area. On our 2nd day our itinerary called for a hike to Ping'an area. We were like- ' what does it look like? Is it gonna be just like this one?'. Our guide said pretty much, so we collectively agreed to just skip it & head out to Guilin City.

We reached the bus station terminal at the edge of the village. The bus was filled with fellow tourists. We were tired & icky from the hike. Some Chinese tourists saw Mel, approached her and asked where we were from. Suddenly a minute later they were all having their pictures taken with her! They were women too! Of all ages. They thought she was lovely (even after our hike under the hot summer sun). I swear I should start making money off of Mel.

Map from our ticket

Start of the trail- already scenic!

Mamu feeling energetic & ready to go. Vamos!

All girl group- even the porters! Those ladies were tough!

Mamu & Mel at the trail

Its so pretty it looks like freakin Hobbiton

Love it!

We took mini-breaks at these sheds. So gorgeous!

Magtanim ay di biro! Maghapong nakayuko

One of my fave pics

Mamu saw this and freaked out! She was like- why the hell did we have to hike when there's a parking lot nearby?! The parking lot was still a bit of a hike actually.

More Hobbitton pics


Mamu at bridge towards the end of the trail

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