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Shanghai sunset: Boat cruise at the Bund

After wandering around the Bund area, we headed out to go on a sunset boat cruise. It was nice seeing the sun set on the Shanghai harbor.The boat cruises fill up quickly. I think our guide had to call in advance for getting tickets. We saw some poor souls who were scammed by scalpers selling tickets just outside the ticketing booth. Didn't make sense to me why they would buy from those guys. I don't know, maybe it was sold out. Anyway, the boat cruises have several departure times. I thought sunset was the best time to go (less crowded).

Highlights: Beautiful cityscape!
Cast of Characters: Kih, Noemi, Mel, me & our local guide
Logistics/ Links: We just walked to get to the port coming from the Bund walkway area.
When: August, 2010. Sunset. I think the boat cruise took about an hour.
Location: The Bund, Shanghai
Cost: I think it was like $8 for the hour long cruise
Trip Report: It was a nice trip! Don't get scammed.
Shanghai sunset

Old part of the city on one side of the river

New part of the city on the other side of the river

Nice lights!

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