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Defiling the Virgin River: River tubing at Zion Park

Tubing Virgin River was AWESOME! I think this should be on everyone's itinerary when they visit Zion. We went here as a part of my birthday weekend extravaganza. Lol. It was gorgeous! We only wish we had snuck in some booze in our camel backs. hehe.
Highlights: Gorgeous landscape scenery! The river was perfect! Fun! Fun!
Cast of Characters: Me, Steve & a bunch of fellow tubers. No guides needed.
Logistics/ Links: Wikitravel is always a good source. We rented tubes from Zion Adventure Company. Info from Zion official site.
When: We went 1st weekend of August, 2011. It was HOT! I don't recommend doing any non-water related activity this time of the year. Tubing was perfect! The water was refreshing (f'g freezing) & the temperatures were hot so you don't get cold at all.
Location: The Virgin river tubing is outside Zion Park. We started from the office of Zion Adventure Co & then walked over to the staging area which was inside Quality Inn & RV Park. If you're staying along the main road, you can just take the free shuttle. There's also a shuttle stop right at the street corner from the office. Getting to Zion is trickier. I don't think there's public buses that go here straight from Vegas or LA. Seems like you would have to join a tour or get here from St. George UT.
Cost: I think the best part of the tubing trip was that it only cost $13. If you go decide to rent from Zion Adventure Co, you can just park at their office & they provide a free shuttle to take you back. They sell tubes at the stores in town for at least $25. So if you're only gonna do this once, just rent.
Trip Report: Very very cool activity! The tubing trip lasted like 3 hrs if you count waiting at the river side park for the adventure company shuttle back. Shuttle comes every 20 mins. Steve & I had a blast! If you only have 1 day to see Zion in the summer- you should hike Narrows in the morning (after your delicious Spotted Dog Cafe brunch) & then go tubing in the afternoon.

Start of the tubing! Yey! We were soo excited! I actually didn't even mind carrying my own tube. It wasn't heavy. The tubing starting point is across the street from the office of Zion Adventure Company. We walked like 3 minutes to get to it. Its inside the Quality Inn RV Park. There was a family on our tour. The youngest was like 9. They have min weight requirement of 60lbs or something. We had a 5 min orientation then headed out.

Steve modeling the latest in tubing wear. He doesn't have quick dry clothes. He was just wearing regular stuff. There's the office of Zion Adventure Co beyond.

Mini-rapids along the way. We encountered a couple of these. They were fun! Nothing too scary. The water was at most 5'-0" deep. We did get stuck a couple of times. One guy lost his expensive pair of sunglasses.
Steve afloat. He is thinking about his beer. Why did he not pack his camelback with beer, he asks. They actually don't allow booze but they don't really check.

Passing the first bridge

I'd have to say the landscape in the Southwest is USA's landmark scenery. There's nothing quite like it. Tubing on the Virgin river was awesome! I'm surprised its not as hyped as other activities around southwest. Its family fun too!
So pretty! Steve thought it lasted too long. He gets bored really quickly though. I thought it was just right.
Beautiful, gorgeous scenery along the river

The 2nd bridge marks the exit/ end of the tubing. There's a sign right under the bridge. You just exit to the right. I don't think there's any worry of the water just raging wild that you can't stop & miss your exit.
The fat lady statue as you exit the Virgin river. This is a shady little park where you can have a small picnic with river access. The river is parallel to the road, you'll notice a bunch of homes alongside the river. So as you go tubing, you cant really exit whenever/ wherever you want. The park is a good end point. They've got toilets here if you can't bring yourself to pee in the river!

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  1. Definitely gonna be in my bucket list. Looks awesome!


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