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Exploring traditional villages at Longji Terraces

We took a bus from Yangshuo then hopped onto a van to get to the Dazhai Yao Terrace fields. We got to the starting point of our hike at Longji terraces around noon. Our van drove past tourist buses that were stopped at the more popular starting points. We reached the small village of Xiao Zhai, had lunch at a local family's home & proceeded on to our hike. 

Highlights: Fantastic scenery & vernacular architecture
Cast of Characters: Mamu, Mel, our local guide Slim & myself
Logistics/ Links: Some info from wikitravel
When: August is a good time to go. The terraces are all lush green. Weather is a bit warm for hiking.
Location: Longsheng County, Guilin, China
Cost: This was part of our tour package with Panda
Trip Report: I don't know if its just me but the villages we passed through seemed very quiet. I suppose people are all out working or something. I like walking past the traditional homes, it makes you feel like you really are in China. Surprisingly, I didn't get as big of a culture shock as I was anticipating. I've read articles saying China was like a different planet. Maybe when I get to see more rural parts of the country. Our visit was more city oriented. This village was the closest we got to experiencing the Chinese minority cultures. Great experience if you decide to go. A 2 day/ 1 night trip is enough to experience the place.

Heading up to the local home for lunch.

There were a couple of new homes being built when we were there. This small village is accessible by vehicles, they didn't have to rely on horses too much.  

Pretty waterfalls cutting through the middle of the village

Hanging out with Yao minority ladies. They don't cut their hair. You're looking at decades long worth of hair wrapped around their head. It looked nice & shiny though. They wash it like 3x a week or something I heard.

The lady to the left cut her hair. Gasp. She ended up doing that when she left the village to find work elsewhere. 

Overpriced lunch. We were ripped off. It was pretty good, but still.

Bathroom right next to a pig pen. Interesting.

One of my fave pics. There's Mamu & Mel beyond.

Walking past villages

This was on our way to the parking lot as we were leaving the terraces.

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