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Longji Rice Terraces lodging

After about a 2-3 hour hike, we settled into one of the lodges along a hillside.  The lodges were somewhat similar in appearance to the traditional homes but still quite different. You'll quickly notice the materials are finished differently. We passed a couple of lodges. They all look the same. It was nice to put our things away & just rest. 

Highlights: Gorgeous scenery. It was nice just relaxing outside the balcony.
Cast of Characters: Mamu, Mel & our local guide Slim
Logistics/ Links: (I'll post when I find a good source)
When: We went in August, 2010. It was quite warm. No air conditioning. It's alright. Being used to warm weather it didn't bother me much.
Location: Longji Rice Terraces, Guilin. I think we stayed at Tiantou Village area..not too sure
Cost: This was included in our trip cost (see Made in China article)
Trip Report: If you're looking around for hotels- you'll notice a cluster of these lodges. They're pretty much the same I think. Simple. There's sporadic hot water in the en-suite bathroom. They even have the mountains. The lodge serves some simple meals. The restaurant closes early so be sure you eat on time. Nothing much else to do in the area besides trekking.

We were hanging out at the balcony when this horse just suddenly walked across on its own. Everybody was surprised that the horse was just casually trotting around like it owns the place. 

Lady cooking some bamboo rice for dinner. Local specialty.

Bamboo rice. It was alright. I think my favorite Guilin specialty is the rice noodles. Omg! Those are delicious!!

Mel sat on one of these poor bugs one evening.

Mamu & Mel chilling out on the balcony. Mel constantly on her iPhone.Yes, they do have Wifi on the mountains.

Gorgeous view from our lodge.

Mel & Slim outside as we're getting ready to leave. The lodges pretty much all look like this.

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