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Shanghai museum excursion

Awesome early morning excursion to the Shanghai museum. It was our last day in Shanghai I think & we were browsing a map on which attractions to go see. This one was free so it was an easy call.

Highlights: Beautiful sculptures & art. The museum has rooms with different themes. Its great how it offered an excellent insight into their rich cultural past.
Cast of Characters: Kih, Noemi, Mamu, Mel & me
Logistics/ Links:
When: We went during our trip in August 2010. It was an ok time to go wandering around Shanghai downtown. A bit warm.
Location: downtown Shanghai
Cost: free! yey!
Trip Report:
I'm not a big museum fan but I thought this was a great trip!! There was a bit of a line since we came before they opened. But lines weren't super bad. There's a cafe in the bldg where we had lunch and a gift shop as you exit. Very interesting museum, loved all the artwork! Its worth your 3 hrs or so

Lining up outside
Simple & nice interiors

Main lobby below

Lots of buddhist themed art

Nice! I want this at my house

She was supposed to have a ruby little head piece

Little explanation on buddhist symbols

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