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Slice of life in Longji

We spent 2 days exploring the mountainous area. Its impossible to avoid hikes. The trails are not so bad or difficult though. You get to walk past small farming villages & catch a glimpse of how people spend their time.

Highlights: Interesting culture.
Cast of Characters: Mamu, Mel, our local guide Slim & myself
Logistics/ Links: Some info from wikitravel
When: We went mid-August of 2010. A bit warm but pleasant.
Location: Longsheng County, Guilin, China
Cost: This was part of our tour package with Panda
Trip Report: Its pretty interesting how they have managed to preserve their way of life. Architecture remains vernacular, crafts are locally made, a lot of people still dress traditionally. Its nice & quiet. I would prolly get bored if I lived here though. Its a great stop if you're in Guilin already anyway

Villagers hanging out while making crafts.
Yao minority villager & traditional home beyond. I asked if they had like homestay programs. Our guide said the livestock lived on the ground floor & visitors might not appreciate all the sounds & smells. Good thinking.

Villager selling local produce &..hmm..I dont know what else she's doing

To build sheds, homes and such they transport all materials with the help of horsies

So that's where all the men went while women slaved away taking care of children, cleaning homes, making crafts, maintaining guest lodging & working as porters!!!

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