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Spelunking at Yangshuo Water Cave

This was one of our stops biking around Yangshuo. We did the Yulong river bamboo rafting and then biked over to this one. Afterwards it was lunch at Moon Hill & then back home. The water cave was very cool! Interesting cave landscape formations & the natural springs were nice. Bring your bathing suit!

Highlights: We didn't have swim wear & didn't want to get wet but if you're going to visit, take your time soaking in the springs. I loved the short boat ride! Felt like a Disney ride.
Cast of Characters: Mel & moi
Logistics/ Links: Guides are always nice to have around but if you don't have one, here's a phone # for the water cave (in case you know Mandarin!)- 0773-877-7899/ 1347-135-2978/ 1597-709-5698. Also some info from wikitravel
When: We went summer of 2010. It was hot outside but inside the cave was cool & pleasant. We hiked with a guide for a little bit to get to the springs.
Location: Yangshuo Moon Hill area. The ticket I've got says that there's a lot of fake water caves out there. Our guide says this is the most natural one.
Cost: forgot! =<
Trip Report:
I thought this was a fun excursion in Yangshuo. There were a few tourists but not too many. We saw a couple of guys all hooked up with desktop computers inside the cave just playing video games all day. Wear some water shoes. The hiking inside the cave is very easy. It sort of reminded me of the cave in the movie Beowulf. Its massive inside. To get back out, we had to take boat ride. They usually wait for the boat to fill up before heading out so you  may have to wait for folks who took their sweet time in the hot springs. We wanted to head back out because Mamu & Qinqin decided to just wait for us at the bus stop.

I think you can prolly spend 4 hrs for this trip. As we were taking the boat back, we were trying to ask the boat man for some questions. There were 2 Americans (from St. George, UT) who translated for us. It was kind of weird to see white folks translating for us asian folks. They spoke excellent Mandarin! As we were chatting on the boat ride, they suddenly spoke to us in Tagalog! I nearly fell off my seat! I swear LDS folks would make a killing if they commercialized their language learning programs. 
If you forgot your water shoes, don't fret! They sell some local Tevas as well.
Cool boat ride to the Water cave entrance. Cool thing about traveling is you get to experience the 'real' version of the Disneyland rides!
Cool cave interiors.

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