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Trespassing ancient rural farm homes

I think this was our 3rd day at Yangshuo. On our first day we arrived at the hotel around mid-afternoon. Checked in & relaxed a bit, saw the Liu Sanjie Water show that evening. The 2nd day we explored the rural countryside. The 3rd day we were out of ideas. So our guide Qin qin suggested some more bike riding. Mel was sick & Mamu wanted to just hang out at the tourist area so I went by myself with another local guide to check out some ancient towns & farm homes.

Highlights: Experiencing the beatiful landscapes & villages. 
Cast of Characters: just myself & my local guide. I couldn't understand her name. She didn't have an English name. She doesn't speak english. I don't know how we managed. She was even able to show me how to get to the local english speaking doctor in town, with a little help from Qin qin.
Logistics/ Links: We biked to get there. I'll have to post Qinqin's email.
When: Summer of 2010. It was a bit hot & humid. I have lived in the Philippines & Vegas though so...
Location: Somewhere in the farmlands of Yangshuo, Guilin, China
Cost: I gave a small donation to the farmer. Like a buck or something. The bike rentals were pretty cheap, like $4 for half a day. I think I paid the guide around $8 to take me around.
Trip Report: It was a cool trip! I can't get tired of the beautiful scenery. The farmers house is supposedly hundreds of years old. I guess it looks like it. The home seemed somewhat abandoned. I love architecture so it was a neat experience for me. Yangshuo was our favorite place in China after hitting mega-cities one after another. The place has a small town feel. 2-3 days is enough I think.

Scene as we approached the ancient village.

Entry to the home. Wonder what all those writings say
Interior courtyard

More courtyards

I like!

There were a few things around the home that made it seem occupied but where is everyone?!

I kinda like the framing although there's nothing really to see in this picture.

Even peasants deserve design!

Pretty backyard.

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