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Forbidden City Architecture

We spent a good chunk of the day exploring Forbidden City in Beijing. Later, I saw a Chinese TV show featuring a replica of the Forbidden City somewhere else in China for filiming movies & stuff. Pretty neat! Must be nice in the old days when people still had money to spend on the small finishing details.

Highlights: Intricate architectural details
Cast of Characters: Mamu, Mel, our local guide Peter & myself
Logistics/ Links: Some info from Wikipedia
When: We went in the summer when everybody was out on vacation. It was soo jampacked, I don't recommend it. Maybe time your visit when kids have school & a weekday or something.
Location: Beijing, China. Its hard to miss
Cost: This has some fee info
Trip Report: I really enjoyed walking around China's palace complex, gardens, temples. This was an awesome trip!
Gorgeous architecture. I think this was the emperor's study pavilion (?)

Little watchtower along the perimeter walls by the moat

The small tiered structure is one of  their HVAC units. 

They have massive cauldrons that they used to fill up with water just in case of fire. I forgot what else it was used for. Our guide Peter was very informative. 

Gorgeous marble staircase artwork

Fancy doors

There's 9 everything in the palace complex


Fancy carved air vents

Rooftop animal sculpture to guard the palace. Only the emperor is allowed to use yellow on roofs. I think only the emperor is allowed to have dragon sculptures too. We went to this garden in Shanghai & they almost killed the home owner who had a dragon carving on his house. 

They love jade


The concubine corridor

Pretty painted ceilings

There's Mel by the entrance to the Forbidden City. Peter said structures elsewhere usually have solid foundations. The palace is built like a table where stability relies on its top being heavy. Its held up well against earthquakes so far I suppose. 

Multiple levels for flooding refuge

Each level has a little drain outlet in the form of those sculpted dragons. Nice! 


There's a buddha temple at the top of a hill at the park behind Forbidden City.  Nice view of the city
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