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The search for the ancient mosque in the Muslim Quarters

After exploring the Xian City Walls & lunch Hut, my family & I decided to head back towards the hotel. Our hotel was at an excellent spot, walking distance from Muslim quarters & a bunch of attractions. My family decided they want to just cool off at the malls. I'm like- "What?! There's a zillion malls where we're from & they all look the same. Lets check out the ancient mosque and stuff." "Nah, its too hot. I think we'll hang out here."
 So off I go. We had until 6ish before we needed to catch the train to Shanghai. I brisk walked exploring the Muslim quarters market. Its a very lively area, full of character. I didn't realize the whole place was a maze of alleys & busy streets. I stumbled upon the ancient folks home but alas, unsuccessful in finding the ancient mosque. Next time I guess.

Highlights: Lively marketplace with an assortment of all sorts of goods
Cast of Characters: Just me. Cause everybody else would rather go to the air conditioned mall instead of seeing thousands of years old attractions.
Logistics/ Links: info of all the other things I missed- Virtualtourist. Some history too
When: Went in August, 2010. Weather was fine.
Location: downtown(?) Xian
Cost: free to walk around
Trip Report: I thought this was a very cool place to explore. I almost got hit by a speeding scooter. I took one step towards the (what seemed like) pedestrian only road & this scooter just zoomed right in front of me. Phew. Its probably a good place to try out some street food. Unfortunately I didn't have much time to sample anything as I was rushing to make the overnight train. I think you can easily spend about 4-5 hrs just wandering around here.

Bustling markets of the Muslim Quarters

Street food! I do not know what she's selling.

More street food. Looks unsanitary.

Crappy picture of Muslim Quarters street scene


I think she's wearing a traditional hat for Muslims. I didn't really see too many people wearing religious accessories like her hat

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