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Traipsing around Jingshan & Beihai Park

Jingshan & Beihai Parks are located at the exit of the Forbidden City. Jingshan is good for a bird's eye view of the city. Beihai was a nice place for strolling around. Went to explore the beautiful, gorgeous gardens & lakes. And of course, everywhere you go you can't escape the markets.

Highlights: The beautiful, idyllic gardens at Beihai Park.
Cast of Characters: Mamu, Mel & our local guide Peter
Logistics/ Links: tidbit from Wikitravel
When: We went in August, 2010. Truckloads of crowds & hot!
Location: Jingshan & Beihai Parks are located by the exit of Forbidden City. Its all walking distance & very convenient to each other.
Cost: Jinshan Park is like $3. I think there's a minimal cost to the lake boats at Beihai Park as well. Pretty cheap.
Trip Report: It was nice. Forbidden City is a must see, so since you're at the area you might as well explore the parks. I love the gardens! They're so distinctly Chinese. So picturesque & beautiful! I could imagine all the royalties walking around the place in their fancy robes. The gardens are nice. I think I'm gonna create another category for gardens just because of this place.
We started climbing up the stairs to the top of the hill. Not very eventful

Walkways around Jingshan Park

Cool view of the golden rooftops of Forbidden City (from Jingshan Park). There's a small temple at the top with a buddha. The only thing to do up there is sightseeing. We set off after a couple of pictures

Lakes around Beihai Park

We passed through this circular corridor to get to the boats to ferry us across.

Ferry boats at the Beihai Park lake. At first Mamu thought we were gonna be using the small little boats so we ended up walking an extra 20 mins back & forth from the ferry.

Temples at Beihai Park

Weird looking statues

This temple looks out of place. All the unpainted wood makes me think of Japanese architecture.

Mamu defiling the 9 Dragon Wall. I forgot the significance. Looks elaborate..=/

Very cool rock formations. I think they import these rocks from some place, not sure. I love Chinese gardens!

One of my fave pics of Chinese gardens. The place is very crowded. Its quite rare this doesn't have too many people in it.

Mamu & Mel chilling out.

Pretty pretty! Get all the crowds out!

Me like!!!

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