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The land of rice noodles, bamboo rafts & mangosteen

We got major burn out from hitting the biggest cities in China one after the other. So when we got into Yangshuo it was a huge relief. Its still a pretty big city but not a gigantic metropolis. I was trying to get my bearings. We arrived by train into Guilin City, Guilin province. We took the 1hr bus from Guilin City into Yangshuo city, still in Guilin. Its a bustling little town. There's tourist services everywhere you look, there's restaurants, hostels, stores for everything, night clubs.

Highlights: Stunning landscape & scenery. They have the same thing at Guilin City but in Yangshuo there's a lot of the rural experiences like biking around the countryside & Yulong river bamboo raft & the spelunking.
Cast of Characters: Me, Mamu, Mel & our local guide Qinqin
Logistics/ Links: some info from Wikitravel, Yangshuo travel guide
When: We went in August, 2010. Weather was hot. Best to go out and enjoy outdoor activities really early in the morning. You can go out for a dip at the Li River in the afternoon & check out markets in the evening.
Location: Yangshuo City, Guilin province, China
Cost: decent lodging at around $15. Meals around $5. More or less
Trip Report: Traveling around Eastern China, Yangshuo is our favorite spot. Just like everywhere else, the place is packed with domestic tourists. See market picture below. I wish we went when school was going on. Plenty of things to do & see. 3 days is a good enough amount of time.

Crowded markets. The people hibernate during the day and go out in the evening. Make sure to haggle like crazy. I got some jade chopsticks that were originally like 180Y then they dropped it to 40Y or something crazy like that. I was looking around for memory cards & they were expensive over there! Make sure you just stock up from home.
Yangshuo in the morning. Big difference from the night market scene above. 

Girl weaving at the market

Little lake near our hotel.
Oh my god I love mangosteen. You'll see these everywhere

We started our bike ride on our first day in Yangshuo & our guide insisted we have breakfast. Not used to having noodles for breakfast but ok. This little roadside restaurant serves the best rice noodles ever

Rice noodles are a local specialty in Yangshuo Guilin. This is the best meal I have ever had in China. Yummy!!!

Poor Mel was sick the whole time we were in Yangshuo. She started to recover in time for our 2 day hike in Longji. If you get sick in Yangshuo, we went to Fu Kang hospital (or something like that). There's an English speaking doctor whose office is to the right as you walk in. Took us about 30 mins in/ out of there. The medicine he prescribed cost about $3. Fairly easy & quick process compared to US.

L-R: Mel, moi & Mamu enjoying a nice little dinner at one of the restaurants in Yangshuo. They have their menus posted. The prices seemed reasonable. I think its quite possible they have 1 menu for both tourists & locals. I just know we're being scammed at other places where they have separate menus. I'm mamu's clone.

Mamu goofing off at the little river by our hostel. Her slipper fell off & almost floated away. She bent down to pick it up only to realize she couldn't stand up! lol

Yummy fruits

Wandering around the streets of Yangshuo. Its a very accessible & convenient place.


I think they like communists.

People spending their afternoons at Li River. We didnt even know there was river access from the markets. Good thing we stumbled across the place. It was nice

Mamu thinking about her boyfriends

Locals hanging out

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