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Today I quit my job to travel the world

I officially really did it. I just know I'm going to pay for this decision later when I join the unemployed masses looking for work. I just keep my fingers crossed & hope for the best. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity & I'm not gonna let it pass me by. No regrets!! It's pretty weird because all this time I've been thinking this day will feel different. Nope, it feels just like any other day. Maybe it has yet to sink into my system.

Why am I doing this? I have genuine interest in experiencing other places & cultures. The world has soo much to offer. I think it's a sin to have all these 1st world privileges & not take advantage of them. Back in the pre-recession days, I was happy with taking off for a few weeks every year. Post recession, I felt stuck when my industry stagnated. I wanted to see more & more places as I read blogs about them. I realized it'll take forever + ridiculous amounts of money to see them on 2wk vacations while employed. I may have a family of my own in a few years & totally lose the chance to go wandering about. Seeing multiple countries on fewer flights was more practical. Taking off long term suddenly became the only way to go.

I bid farewell to my coworkers & wished them all the best. I tell them that it would be great if I can join them down the road again someday. For the first time in my life I'm afraid of death because I really would like to accomplish this around the world thing. Travel is definitely one of my top passions. First stop- Philippines homecoming! If I can't backpack the Philippines, I can't backpack anywhere.Hopefully I wont end up in a slave market or wake up with a missing kidney somewhere. Good luck to me & my adventures abroad.


  1. Anonymous15:01

    That is insane!

  2. I know that's you Steve!


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