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Abu Simbel Temple of Doom

Everybody got up ridiculously early for the trip out to Abu Simbel. Its 3 hrs away from Aswan. All the tourists in the whole town only gets like 1 or 2 chances to go there per day & it had to be with a military convoy. We head out half asleep.

Highlights: The temples kinda reminded me of the scene in Lord of the Rings where they were walking in the dwarf cave hall. The place is massive. The history of the temples is amazing. They took down the temple piece by piece from its original location & re-built the whole thing on this man-made mountain. Very impressive!
Cast of Characters: There's too many people in our group. I'll just list the names on the general Egypt post. 
Logistics/ Links: Wikipedia has pretty good info on the temples. This was part of our tour with G Adventures
When: We went in April, 2008. Aswan is warmer. Still fine for traveling though.
Location: 3 hrs South of Aswan, Egypt. There's nothing out there it seems but the temples. Its just the vast desert all along the roads when we went. 
Cost: $16 or 95LE now I think + the transportation costs from Aswan.
Trip Report: This place is amazing!!! You have to go see it to experience the grandeur (as with most of Egypt's attractions). They have chambers inside the temple where they align the sun to shine on the sculptures at certain times of the year. The walls and ceilings are covered with carvings. Unfortunately pictures aren't allowed inside. Oh well. We spent about 3 hours I think just wandering around. You have to wait for all the tourists to finish so everybody can get back with the convoy. Its all good. 

We got to the Abu Simble area and started walking towards the temples. 

Migu giving us a little history in front of Nefertari temple. I should've paid more attention. 

hehe. Me in front of Ramses temple. There's at least 13 Ramses in Egypt's history. 

So awesome! This was inside Ramses temple I think. 

Behold!!!...The Phallus. 

I keeeel yoouuuuu!

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