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An afternoon at the Asian Civilisations Museum

On our last day in Singapore, we had some time after hotel check out/ evening flight to do some more sightseeing. After some debate, we decided to check out this museum. We got lost for 2 mins trying to find the place (and each other). It was nice to stumble upon the Singapore river area. It seems like everybody flocks to the more modern Marina bay area that this place is just forgotten.

Highlights: Interesting collection. A lot of 'wtf' pieces (always more fun). The museum area location is nice as well. Good place to burn 3 hours.
Cast of Characters: Me, Mel, Dy, Kih & Noems
Logistics/ Links: Asian Civilization museum website
When: We went Nov 10, 2011. Singapore is a tropical country even if it doesn't look like it. It was hot & humid when we were there.
Location: 5mins from Raffles place MRT station, Singapore
Cost: $8sgd/ $6
Trip Report: Great place to find out more about Singapore's history. I was curious how the city came to be so different from other neighboring Asian countries in terms of cleanliness, political organization, how its so stable despite the diverse culture & religion. The museum offers insight to all of that.

Omg! You should try hitting the elevator button & see what happens. I swear the elevator inspired some horror movie sound effects. It took 30 mins for the elevator to get to the first floor (there's only 2 levels).

If the word fugly had an image in a dictionary...

Ancient weapons in southern Philippines

Another wtf piece of history

ancient carriage

Interesting art

I want to go to India

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