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Bouldering at Calico 1 & 2, Red Rock Canyon

Everybody loves Red Rock. That's where you'll find a lot of Vegas locals on weekends during spring, fall & winter. As you get into the park, the first 2 stops are Calico 1 & 2. This spot is perfect for bouldering. It can be as easy or difficult as you want. Its a pretty good workout to just climb over boulders for an hour then move on to Calico tanks or Ice Box canyon for the trails. 


Highlights: Gorgeous southwestern landscape! Great views along the scenic loop. Good workout. See- there is such a thing as 'real' Las Vegas.
Cast of Characters: Steve & me
Logistics/ Links: some info
When: Nice time to go would be spring, fall & winter. Fall is the best time to be in Vegas. Maybe September, cause the pool parties will still be rockin' but its not super hot. Or October for the halloween parties.
Location: 1 hr from the strip, Las Vegas NV
Cost: $7 day pass for 1 car
Trip Report: Excellent spot. Red Rock is waay cooler than Valley of Fire. So if you're wondering what to do on your Vegas trip, just check out Red Rock. We would often go meet for breakfast at Dunkin Donuts at Summerlin area then head out.

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