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Cheap transportation between LA/ Vegas

Just tried the 'Chinatown bus' today. It is a great value! I heard about it through a friend. Being unemployed, traveling via the cheapest means possible is the way to go. If you're looking for the best way to get from Vegas to LA (vice versa), definitely try this one out.

Highlights: Cheap! You can bring your weed hassle free.
Cast of Characters: just me
Logistics/ Links:
When: They have trips running everyday.
Location: Getting to LA & Las Vegas
Cost: $20 one way. $1.50 Local buses in LA.
Trip Report:  
On a weekday: I picked American Lion because they said they had wifi. Nope, it was not working. Their pick-up location which was downtown LA. Easy enough to get to via local buses. Their first trip was 7:30am, they left at exactly 7:30 so plan on arriving a few minutes early. They had another stop, so I think we left LA about 8am. The bus was average, just like regular a/c buses in the Philippines. The hispanic crew had the spanish radio on throughout the trip (bring earphones if you prefer something else). There were less than 10 people in the bus. We had a 20min stopover at Barstow (I think it was about 10am). The place had restrooms, fast food restaurants, souvenir shops. We head out straight to Vegas afterwards. Arrived about 12:40pm at Excalibur. 

On a weekend:  Book your tix in advance. The weekend bus was pretty full. Wifi was working (you have to tell them to turn it on). They had some movies playing. There were a few more stops in LA which extended travel time by about 20m-30mins. The stop over was at a fast food joint. Pick up/drop off location remains the same (rear entrance of Excalibur).

To/ from airport:  
LA: There's plenty of options with using public transpo ( From the LA bus drop off point (downtown), I just walked a few blocks towards 8th/ Broadway for the local buses (line 42 takes you to LAX). 
Vegas: The hotels usually have shuttles available for guests to/from the airport.

It is sooo easy & convenient. If you're a tourist coming from LA & just want to spend a few days in Vegas on the strip, just do the bus. You save 500+ miles, gas, no stress from traffic & you reduce your carbon footprint! Flying will also cost you a min of $120 dollars round trip + airport wait & flight time. 

*update 04/2012* 
I tried American Lion again & just had the worst luck. 
LA to Vegas:
- Bus was 1 hr delayed
- We were pulled over by traffic enforcer. I think its problems with the paperwork of the bus or something. We had to wait at least 30mins for this
Vegas to LA:
- The bus was pulled over because the highway patrol trooper because he thought one of the tires was loose & was unsafe. We had to wait 3 hours in the middle of nowhere for a rescue bus. 
- The bus arrived extremely late. The drop off point is at skid row downtown LA. My boyfriend picked me up. He said just a few blocks up the street, the lights are all out & there's hundreds of people living in the shadows. All the businesses are closed. I did not see the regular buses to take you out of the area, also very few people. Not safe to walk around. I cannot recommend American Lion.

Awesome architecture at City center.

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