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Death hike at Ice Box Canyon trail

This is probably my next favorite trail after Calico tanks. My first few times on the trail we didn't finish the whole thing because there were massive boulders that I thought signaled the end of the trail. Went again with Amanda & Fazzie who knew the trail so we found the way to get to the waterfalls at the end. It was very nice!

Highlights: Beautiful desert landscape
Cast of Characters: Steve, me, Amanda, Fazzie, Amanda's 2 little puppies
Logistics/ Links: some useful info
When: We would usually go spring or fall. We tried to do the hike in winter. It was about low 30s (waaayy too cold & unpleasant). Summer will also kill you.
Location: Red Rock National Conservation Area, Las Vegas, NV. Maybe about 45mins from the strip to the park entrance. Extra 15mins to the trail head without going to any of the other spots.
Cost: $7 per car/ day
Trip Report: Very cool trail! It can get busy sometimes but not bad at all. Trail is moderate to strenuous. Recommended for everyone. Takes about 3hrs for the RT hike.

Pretty desert flowers along the way

Fazzie & Amanda at the trail with us


Trail is good for dogs. Make sure to bring them plenty of water & snacks. This was probably the trickiest part for this little doggie.

It got a bit more trickier climbing these rocks. They had a really hard time getting down from the waterfall above. It was pretty steep.

Some mountain goat sightings

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  1. Bouldering looks fun-slash-exhausting-slash-death defying. Definitely taking note of this activity, and hopefully we get to visit the state someday.


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