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En route to Sumaguing Cave

Definitely take your time walking to Sumaguing Cave. The scenery is gorgeous!!!

Highlights: Fantastic scenery!!!
Cast of Characters: My guide Teddy & I 
Logistics/ Links
Here's the guides website -->
When: I went mid- November, 2011. Omg it was freakin freezing! The weather is erratic due to changing seasons. Bring warm layers. 
Location: Sagada, Philippines. Cordillera region. 5000 ft above sea level. Earth. The scenery here is on our way to the burial caves & Sumaguing. Its just a short walk from the town center, no need to hire vehicles. 
Cost: Sigh! Everything costs more as a solo traveler. I hired a guide at Saggas (guide organization). The official tourist office was useless. Saggas staff were super helpful. The tourist office said to me "Oh, but its just gonna be so depressing if you're out there by yourself." Pssh. I didn't come all the way out here to mope in my room. So luckily, I stumbled on the guides office. They hooked me up with Teddy for Php500/ $13 to take me out to Sumaguing cave. While Teddy was fixing his lamp, Torsten walked up & joined us so we ended up splitting the cost. Yey. Anyway, if you want to take in this fantastic scenery, it's free.
Trip Report:  It was kind of a weird feeling just admiring this beautiful natural scenery amidst the sound of chainsaws cutting down trees in the background. Sagada is a very pretty, small, quiet town. The views did make me think of the idea of Shangri-La. Some friends of mine said their guide offered them some dope. Teddy didn't though. He's pretty straight. If you want some, don't get him. Hehe, kidding!

Pretty cool karst landscape all around the valley. 

Burial cave at the cave connection entrance (Lumiang cave). We met up with some folks that invited me to go along with them. I heard the cave connection  took like 4 hrs or something. I passed. 

Teddy is an excellent photographer. I love to take pictures but he brings it to a whole 'nother level! We had many, many photo ops in the cave. 

Ahhh! Sooo pretty!!!

The landscape needs to stay this way forever. Its beautiful. 

Shangri-La of the Philippines (minus the logging)

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