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Exploring Yuyuan Gardens & Bazaar

We met up with our guide Lim at the train station when we arrived in Shanghai. He took us to our hotel so we can freshen up. Next stop- Yuyuan gardens & bazaar.

Highlights: Very cool Chinese architecture. The garden is gorgeous!
Cast of Characters: Mamu, Mel, Kih, Noems, me, our local guide Lim
Logistics/ Links: some info
When: We went mid-August, 2010. It was hot & packed with people! Shanghai is definitelt warmer & more humid than Beijing.
Location: Shanghai, China
Cost: CNY40/ $7
Trip Report: Have I mentioned the place is packed? It was nice walking around the bazaar just marveling at the structures. Not so cool when you're struggling to get through the crowds. We decided to explore the bazaar a bit & meet up in front of Starbucks in 30mins. Mel & I walked around for 5 mins, couldn't breathe & just decided to head back for some Starbucks coffee. Everybody else was already there sipping on ice cold frapuccino. Lol. So much for exploring. Yuyuan gardens is gorgeous! Crowded but gorgeous.

Yuyuan Bazaar

Chinese gardens have a very distinct style

Cool roof scupltures

Apparently the old owner of the place was almost beheaded for having a dragon sculpture at his house. I was told only royalty was allowed to have them.

Thanks Picasa! I love their cool picture effects

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