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Finding your own secluded beach

Unsatisfied from our Boracay trip, I was still on the search for a nice, beautiful beach. Upon arriving at Bantayan island, I was somewhat disappointed. The beach was pretty, but the tide/ current brings dirt onto the shore. I don't know if its just the time of the year or what. Anyway, I wasn't gonna let that ruin my spirit. I set off to explore the island & happily stumbled on to Ocoy beach.

Highlights: The fine white sand, gorgeous warm, blue water, having the place to yourself. It was also really nice chatting with the cool, friendly locals.
Cast of Characters: just me
Logistics/ Links: Hmm...I hopped on my bike & just started pedaling.
When: end of November, 2011. Weather was nice, lucky.
Location: South- east part of Bantayan island
Cost: Ocoy beach is free which is great. Some of the other beaches that sit in front of resorts have fees
Trip Report: This is my favorite part of Bantayan. The island looks pretty small on the map but when you actually start biking around, the place suddenly feels like a whole continent. There's no way to get to Madridejos on bike. You need at least a tricycle or a jeep to get there. Anyway, this little cove is a nice retreat. Just pull out the sarong & zone out.
As I was biking around this hilly area, I saw the bluest beach ever. I asked some of the kids around how to get there. They didn't speak Tagalog. They kind of signaled for me to go back around, which I did. The kids were waiting for me at the intersection. They led me through this little alley to get to the beach.

Seems like we're going through some private property. Oh well. Nobody seems to be stopping us so we're probably good.

Palm trees & white beach. The water is a little muddy from dirt/ seaweed being swept up. If you walk out towards the clear blue looking part, the water will still be only up to your knees, calm & more clear.

It is still gorgeous though. Aaaahhh...pretty.

Gorgeous beach. No developments on the beach. Just a few boats & some locals. Its so amazing how quiet & simple life is here in the islands.

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I like!

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