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Food Republic of Singapore

Nomnomnom. The food has got to be my favorite part of Singapore. Ok, that & the built urban environment & their public transportation. Kih & Noemi were eating every 1.5-2hrs. I don't know where they get the stomach space.

Highlights: Food! Seafood!
Cast of Characters: Moi, Kih, Noems, Mel, Dy, Riza, Ryan, Vaniy, Joyce
Logistics/ Links: n/a
When: We went early November, 2011
Location: everywhere in Singapore City
Cost: see images below
Trip Report: Awesome food! Seems like if you know where to dine, you can get away with having fantastic meals for a lot less cost. It was hit & miss for us in terms of value. Dining options are excellent!
Makansutra Gluttons Bay Food court. We stumbled across this place as we were walking around the area. It was good stuff! The place was packed though. Riza has this technique of spotting people who are about to finish & just visibly stand there waiting so they'll feel obliged to hurry up & move out. She got us a table pretty quickly.

Makansutra Gluttons Bay Food court. We ordered a truckload of food. It was about $12SGD/$9 per person if you don't order super expensive seafood. 

Singapore is lucky to have all these different cultures. We had breakfast at this Indian restaurant.

This was about $3sgd/ $2.

Banana prata. Mmmm! $1.20sgd/ $1. Heh

Good stuff. We went to a food court at 1 of the train station malls. The place was selling tasty tom-yum soup bowls. Mel & I split 1. $2.50sgd/ $2 each.

We were looking for breakfast at Geylang area one morning. After having too much Asian food, we were all craving for McDonalds. We saw 2 foreigners & thought "Those white dudes will lead us to McDonalds". Alas, we lost them. We ended up eating at this corner Chinese restaurant.

Breakfast soup bowl for $3.50sgd/ $2.70

Oooh pastriiiieeees!

We went to Newton Food court to meet up with some college mates Vaniy & Joyce. It was delicious! We ordered some yummy jumbo prawns & a bunch of other stuff. Cost per person was about $35sgd/ $27. It was 3x more expensive than the Gluttons bay food court. I guess we did order fancier stuff.


Lady making little coconut cakes

Noemi's favorite. We went to Food Republic a lot. I think the average meal costs about $10sgd/ $7.5.

I therefore conclude Singapore is an excellent place for food tripping!

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