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Hiking Mt. Charleston's North Loop

Mt. Charleston is one of the few places in Las Vegas where you can actually enjoy the outdoors during the summer (if you don't feel like going to the pool parties for a change). Red Rock in the summer will kill you. Even the lower elevation trails at Mt. Charleston are getting pretty toasty. North loop is our favorite trail. Its always pleasantly cool & it makes you feel like you're in Colorado instead of Nevada.

Highlights: Nice weather during the Las Vegas summer. The green environment is a pleasant change from the dirt & rocks everywhere else.
Cast of Characters: moi, Steve, Mel, Chris & of course- Nikolai
Logistics/ Links: see gov't website
When:  Summer is the best time to go. Spring & fall is fine too
Location: Mt. Charleston, Las Vegas NV
Cost: free!
Trip Report: We like! We actually don't usually finish the whole trail. We hit the top viewpoint & that's our signal to head back. Haven't been to mummy springs & haven't done the whole north loop. The hike to the viewpoint is about an hour one way. That's enough for us. Its a good weekend workout.

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