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Where is the Bora I used to know & love?

I spent so many, many countless hours trying to organize a Philippine itinerary that would work for everybody's schedule. When I got there, it was all blown away by the diesel infused wind. Let that be a lesson to me- don't plan too much. Mel, Angelica & I were trying to figure out what to do for our vacation. After a bit of discussion, we decided to do Pinatubo the next day then Boracay after that.

Highlights: I remember being here 6 yrs ago & enjoying the beautiful, nice beach. This trip was a big disappointment. The water is still gorgeous as ever but the place has turned into one big marketplace.
Cast of Characters: Angelica, Mel, myself
Logistics/ Links: some info from Wikitravel  
When: We went Nov 16-18, 2011. Weather sucks. It rained everyday. Its best to go in the summer when the sky is clear & blue. Its not as pretty when the sky is cloudy (just like everywhere else, except when hiking the Great Wall in summer).
Location: Boracay island, Philippines
Cost: Boracay was relatively expensive! I regret doing a tour. Here's average prices of what we spent:
- Zest air tour Php 7,900 for 3 days/ 2nights. That's for 3 people sharing 1 room. Tour goes to Kalibo (which sucks). Hotel stay at station 3 (which sucks). Did not include all the terminal fees (about Php415/ $9).
- Average meal costs Php300/ $7 per person at restaurants
- Of course I have to have my mango shakes Php120/ $3 
Some more price averages below. 
Trip Report: We didn't do any activities, just tried to lounge by the beach (interrupted by sports events, vendors, rain etc). I think its good that they got more organized with the boats. They used to all congregate a few feet from the beach where people swim but now they dock further away. Boracay actually looks better at night. The nightlife seems poppin'. Unfortunately, those are the only 2 good things about the place I could think of.
There's so many things I didn't like: vendors trying to sell you activities after every 5 steps, the groups of local men just hanging by the side of the beach path, waay too crowded, expensive food, and traveling from Angeles City takes at least 12hrs. Ugh. No thanks. Totally not worth it. Sigh! Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be back. 

Fine, white sand. The only part of the white beach that is nice is towards the very north (station 3 area). You'll actually get to relax by the beach some over there.

Beach is too crowded for me

The water turns dark over where the sewage drains out. Hmm.

We didn't get to sample the seafood. =(

Sexy chicas

Water is soo warm & pretty

Mel & moi

Sunset would be nicer if it wasn't so crowded

So much construction going on. The beach pathway is ugly (during the day). Those drains are pretty ugly too. They should've dug deeper so sewage doesn't drain out right onto the beach.

Sooo many, many people along side the road just standing there or selling you crap

Our moldy station 3 hotel. Don't stay at Bamboo beach resort.

The marketplace that is all of Boracay.

Interesting little shop

Here's a little sample of prices if you're still thinking of going after all of my hating comments:
Manila to Kalibo (Boracay)
- Manila to Kalibo flight (1hr): Php2000/ $45
- Manila Terminal fee: Php200/ $4.5
- Kalibo to Caticlan bus ride & ferry to Boracay island (2-3hrs): Php300/ $7
- Caticlan jetty port fees: Php125/ $3
- tricycle to your hotel: Php150/ $3.50
- hotel nightly rates: Php1,500/ $35
- average lunch/ dinner: Php300/ $7
Return to Manila
- same as above except for Kalibo terminal fee: Php40/ $1

Manila to Caticlan (Boracay)

- Manila to Caticlan flight (1hr): Php5,500/ $130
- Manila Terminal fee: Php200/ $4.5
- tricycle to jetty port: Php50/ $1
- Caticlan jetty port fees: Php125/ $3
- tricycle to your hotel: Php150/ $3.50
- hotel nightly rates: Php1,500/ $35
- average lunch/ dinner: Php300/ $7
Return to Manila
- same as above. Caticlan terminal fee: Php200/ $4.5

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