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Maximizing image storage space with Blogger

Starting a photo-blog? Here's some of my tips on helping to maximize picture space on your Blogger account (so you can upload more useless pictures of your dog or cat). Disclaimer: I'm no expert. I'm a beginner, so if you have any expert tips feel free to share by posting comments.

Highlights: Being able to delay the inevitable storage space fee that Google charges (for cheap). Smaller image size= faster blog page loading.
Cast of Characters: Nikolai the dog
Logistics/ Links: zzzz....
When: Upon starting your blog. If you've already started & have a zillion images & hit the limit on space, you're too late... just like me. That's fine. This still helps for your future posts though.
Location: Blogger, Picasa, Photoshop Elements (or some other software that can process shrinking multiple image files at once).
- Picasa is free
- I got Photoshop Elements for $65
- Blogger extra storage has a yearly fee. This I just found out when I hit the limit. I was originally uploading images that are like 2+MB each. I thought I had unlimited space (because that's what you see everywhere upon starting your blog). They say- "upload your images for free!", yeah right. Granted, the fees are cheap- but still.
Report: I wish somebody told me this. I started with Blogger & was trying to figure out the easiest, most efficient way of uploading pics. Ugh. That was nightmare-ish.  At first I thought my images just got uploaded into Blogger, but no. If you have a Blogger account, the pics automatically get uploaded into your new (auto-created) Picasa web albums account. I was going picture crazy till I got notified I had no more space.

So here's a little process I use:
1) Have these accounts/ programs available: Picasa, Picasa web albums, Photoshop elements, Blogger.
2) Get your pictures in one folder.
3) Photoshop Elements:
    a) Go to Files menu
    b) Process multiple files
    c) Select your image folder
    d) Select the convert files to jpeg low quality (shrinks the size). I don't need large sized images for my blog. The jpeg low quality shows up just fine (see Nikolai pictures)
4) Now your files have shrunk down to KBs instead of MBs. Feel free to organize them into sub-folders or whatever. Make sure you name the folders in a way that lets you find them easily later in Picasa web albums.
5) Open up Picasa. Synch them into your web albums.
6) Open up Blogger. Now your files are available on the web, you can blog from wherever (don't need that picture library at home). When you upload pics, you can select 'from Picasa web albums'. Yey.

I'm turning into a nerd. =O
Nikolai is not my dog, but he's cute & very sweet. He says hi.

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  1. gudjab..i always upload my photos to flickr. i think i already signed up with 3 accounts.hehe


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