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Merlions, ligers & shokoys

We hopped onto our city tour bus & set off for a whirlwind trip through Singapore's most popular tourist attractions. It was a actually a good trip for us because we ran low on time & were unable to see the sights we visited on this trip. We went to Little India, Chinatown, Botanical Garden & of course Merlion Park.

Highlights: Nice views of the city (which you can get from any point along the harbor) 
Cast of Characters: Me, Mel, Dy, Kih & Noems
Logistics/ Links: some info
When: We went early November, 2011
Location: By Esplanade dr & Fullerton rd. Raffles MRT station exit.
Cost: free
Trip Report: Our guide was very adamant about punctuality. We had 15mins then back to the bus. Maybe thats why I think Merlion Park is a tourist trap, didn't have enough time to see the area. We didn't really do much except take crappy pics. Its a challenge to get good pictures of the Merlion because its facing the water, away from all the picture taking tourists. Seems like bad design to me especially when the park revolves around that monument. But I guess its the feng shui thing thats important. There's a few cafes & restaurants along the bay. Not really much else to do. Merlion reminded me of ligers in the Napoleon Dynamite movie. I thought both were bizarre till I found out that ligers are real.

Mini Merlion

Dy & Kih with tourist horde beyond

I didn't wanna post this but it was my only good picture of the area. Sorry.

Esplanade drive, Singapore

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