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Mt. Pinatubo fail. How not to go to Pinatubo

Arrrgghh!!! We were supposed to trek to the crater of Mt. Pinatubo but did not make it. We went all the way to Tarlac via private car & (very late) driver. We didn't make it because we were 5 mins too late. Somehow it took the driver 2x longer to get there & 4x longer to get back.We're just texting each other- wtf is going on? We didn't really know the way, we just knew if wasn't supposed to take this long. Ggrrr. We ended up exploring the monastery at some mountain in the middle of nowhere in Tarlac.

Highlights: Nice, countryside scenery along the roads. My cousin said "Why on earth is she taking pics of the slums?!" Lol
Cast of Characters: Angelica, Mel, moi
Logistics/ Links: We used the old roads to get there. Not the fast, fancy freeway
When: Nov 15, 2011
Location: Tarlac, Philippines
Transpo: Php600/ $14 for the driver for the whole day (not including his lunch, gas & our own private car).  
Trek: Mt Pinatubo was gonna cost Php4000/ $93 divided among the 3 of us. About Php1,333/ $31 per person. We packed our lunch.
Trip Report: We got there a few minutes after 8am. Apparently they close the roads for the whole day to clear out bombs. My brain stirred just a bit after what I heard. Umm...clear out what?! Are there terrorists here or something? They said its to clear out old WW2 bombs around the place. Huh. Interesting. They close the roads till the afternoon. Our guide tried to convince us to let us in from telling them that we're guests of the mayor to telling them that we came all the way from the very southern part of Luzon. They tried their best. We appreciated the effort. We were sooo bummed. Angelica had never done a serious hike in her life & she was soo looking forward to it. We just headed back. Sniff. Our driver brought us to Tarlac monastery (boring!). If you're gonna go, its probably easiest to just arrange something with organized groups.

Heading out to Capas, Tarlac. There's a lot of people laying out grains

We saw a bunch of farms, fields and bahay kubo

These are pretty cool.

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