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Near death experience rafting in Costa Rica

Not mine, thankfully! Our fellow traveler Lori almost died! I was pretty traumatized. She was not fazed at all. La Fortuna seems like the base of Costa Rica adventures like white water rafting, rapelling, bungee jumping, kayaking. They have some hot springs too which is perfect for relaxing after your tiring day.

Highlights: Experiencing the beautiful, pristine natural environment was a great experience. Rafting is exciting! It reminded of the Disneyland raft rides except of course this one is real.
Cast of Characters: On our boat was Sharon, Lori, Simon, Steve, me & the guide
Logistics/ Links: We used G Adventures for our Costa Rica trip. They recommended Desafio for the rafting.
When: We went late December 2009/ January 2010. The guide told us the rafting is good all year round. Water current was pretty strong. Great day for rafting.
Location: 1hr from La Fortuna, Costa Rica
Cost: $85 for the whole day rafting trip
Trip Report: We set out for the launch site. It wasn't a long drive. We stopped for snacks on the way. I have never gone rafting before. When we got to the launch site we got all our gears ready, were given a safety briefing & set off. I have heard of people dying from class 3 rapids & this was class 3-4. I was a little bit nervous. Once we got into the water though, it was all good. It was a lot of fun! The rafting trip was about 3 hrs or something. We had a little break halfway through the trip. 
During the first leg, Lori fell from the raft. We were told in the briefing to float with your feet first so you can kick away those massive boulders, but she was floating the other way around- head first. We paddled like crazy to catch up with her but we were really just at the mercy of the rapids. We almost caught her at one point but she slipped. She was swept up in between our raft & a wall of boulders. I saw her body just smashed back & forth by the rapids against the rocks & the raft. It was like holding a little doll by the legs & shaking the head in between 2 solid objects. The rapids were super rough. I was completely freaked out. After a couple more rapids, Steve was able to pull her up. I thought she was gonna be unconscious, but thankfully not. Those helmets were sure put to good use. During our break I kept wishing to be helicoptered out of the place...come to think of it I have caught myself thinking that many times during our Costa Rica trip. Seemed like we were signing waivers every day. Her legs were covered in bruises the next few days. She's a trooper.

Its very rare to see the tip of the volcano. Its always covered in clouds.

Launch site for Rio del Toro

Steve saves the day! Yeeey!


Yeah, you gotta paddle hard. I know I look like I'm deadweight, but I was working it! I promise

I think only 1 person got bruised from being hit by the paddles, which was pretty good we were told.


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