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A quick visit to Baguio's Botanical Garden

Baguio City has gotten so polluted it gets hard to breathe. It seems like its just as bad as Manila! Essential Philippine pack list: sarong that doubles as face pollution cover. Anyway, we took taxis shuttling around the city. We checked out Botanical Gardens, a popular tourist trap. The place seriously needs a landscaping overhaul.

Highlights: None. Hanging out with my friends was nice.
Cast of Characters: Joj, Jud, Ann, Mel, me
Logistics/ Links: bleh, don't bother.
When: We went late November, 2011. Weather was nice. Buses are freezing cold as usual.
Cost: free
Trip Report: Not too many flowers when we went. Not many things to see. Fertilizer was right there for everyone to smell. I would not go back unless they redesigned the whole place. Its a huge plot of land. I can see potential. I think a small admission fee is justifiable to pay for remodeling the whole place. I imagine this being a landscape architects dream. They could hold some kind of design contest. Get rid of the shit pile fertilizer, have some nice picnic grounds, have an area for events, live music or dance by the indigenos. Create some kind of community volunteer group to support the place. Lots of potential. If you're stuck in Baguio looking for things to do, Bencab museum & Tam-awan village might be better alternatives.

Taho! There was a vendor selling strawberry taho. Yum!

crappy makeshift Ifugao home

The place offered nothing interesting. Good thing we can entertain ourselves

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