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Skull & Bones at Bontoc Museum

Bontoc is the capital of the Cordillera region. For a capital, its pretty sparsely populated. There's about 25K people in the whole town. Delia (who is from a village out in Bontoc) and I were walking around the place & she was always stopped or stopping for acquaintances & friends. We arrived from Sagada & still had a bit of time to explore the place before the next trip to Banaue. She invited me to come over to her house but then suddenly remembered there was some family drama going on. We decided to just visit Bontoc museum. 

Highlights: Outdoor museum of traditional Igorot structures, the photo exhibit is also really good.
Cast of Characters: me & Delia
Logistics/ Links: Upon arriving into town, simply ask around for the museum & people will be able to point you the way. Its maybe a 10min walk from the Sagada/ Banaue jeep terminal. Some wiki info
When: We went late November, 2011. It was sometime in the morning. We were the only ones in the place. Bontoc seems to generally be a quiet town.
Location: Bontoc (Mountain Province) Philippines
Cost: Php50/ $1 per person.
Trip Report: Unfortunately photos aren't allowed inside, sniff. They had some really cool, freaky pictures. Makes you think of old Indiana Jones movies where they have these tribal folks feeding you monkey brains and stuff. It was so awesome, Delia gave me a guided tour of the place. She explained most of what was in the exhibit- the crafts, jewelry, artifacts, traditions. It was great. I offered to pay for her admission & bought her lunch. It was cool. Its pretty funny while we were in the museum, there was traditional music playing & she subconsciously started skipping to the beat a little. If you're passing through town definitely take 1.5hrs to see the place.


Local grass. They collect the seeds, finish them & make beautiful jewelry out of it

Apparently they had this tradition of placing their deceased loved ones in front of their homes for a few days. Kinda freaky.

They use the outdoor architectural exhibit in the facility sometimes for events or even just chilling out by the fire. The place was deserted. I saw this little pit & was almost gonna jump in until I heard this soft snore. There was a sleeping pig inside! Or a hog! It was freakishly massive! Omg! lol. Good thing I didn't jump in!

This is a very cool hangout spot. They set up boulders around the fire place for seats.

Off limits guys

Delia from Bontoc. Although she looks Chinese.

Went to lunch at local carinderia. Cheap eats. Turns out the place is run by an old friend of hers from high school.
Yey! Filled up for the next jeep ride to Banaue. She really likes spicy food.

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