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The Sri veeramakaliamman temple experience

That is one of the most complicated words I've ever come across. I realized I haven't been really exposed to much Indian culture until we went to visit Little India in Singapore. The colors are so vibrant and beautiful. Their temples are intricately detailed. Our visit was pretty short but it was just enough for me to appreciate the richness of their heritage.

Highlights: Beautiful architectural details. Lovely place of worship, unlike anything I've ever seen.
Cast of Characters: Kih, Noems, Dy, Mel, me
Logistics/ Links: their website
When: We went early November. Singapore is hot & humid (even worse than Philippines). Make sure you have socks on & are appropriately covered.
Location: Little India, Singapore
Cost: free. You can donate if you wish.
Trip Report: We spent about an hour exploring the place. I have a feeling India will be one of those life changing destinations for people who get to travel & experience the place. Unfortunately, they have so many reports of women getting sexually harassed that its discouraged me completely. I will definitely visit once I have: pepper spray, know kick ass kung-fu, a bowl cut for my hair & a fake mustache.

Beautiful architecture

I wanna be this flexible.

One of the 'priests' in the temple making an offering to their god.

Zoomed in shot of the picture above. that an actual buffalo head right there?

A bunch more offerings

They were giving out free food to worshippers

wtf? This does not look scary at all.

This is nice

Leave your shoes out by the entrance. People caught stealing shoes will be handed over to the police!!! That's what their sign says. In Singapore, that prolly means paying $5K fine & getting banned from ever entering the country again...or jail.

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