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Sunrise hot air balloon ride over Luxor

I love hot air balloon rides! This is definitely one of the most awesomest things I've ever done in my life. Interesting though that ballooning would be part of the expanded insurance coverage instead of standard. So hot air ballooning is in the same category as shark cage diving.

Highlights: Watching the sun rise over Luxor valley. Floating over ancient temples. Seeing the desert, the lush farm lands & the Nile out in the distance. Hot air ballooning in itself is already a highlight!
Cast of Characters: Me, Lewis, Rick & Val
Logistics/ Links: Our guide just arranged the excursion for us. We ended up going with Viking.
When: mid-April, 2008. The weather was perfect. Everybody at home thought Egypt was just hot. Nope. I think the country has 4 seasons too, weather was similar to Las Vegas. April was gorgeous! The perfect time to go. I packed my lightweight jacket thinking its gonna be freezing at higher altitude. Of course not- its a hot air balloon ride!
Location: Luxor Valley, Egypt
Cost: I can't remember exactly but I think it was less than $80. I think the prices have gone up to maybe $150 now.
Trip Report: We got ready to go at like 4am. We were picked up by a shuttle & brought to the launch site. Our captain introduced himself. His name is Captain Memo- not Nemo- Meeemo. The balloon ride lasted about 45 minutes. We floated over the beautiful Luxor valley. It was very peaceful. There was an occassional whhooossh from the fire thingy. It was awesome!!!
 Everybody getting ready. We wrote down our names, nationality, age & weight. They grouped people according to weight.

Ready for take off.

Floated over some ancient ruins. We were at the mercy of the prevailing winds.


I love this picture!!!!

The hot air balloon crew were following us around below in their trucks, ready to support the balloons upon landing. There was a little boy on a donkey who my co-ballooners videotaped while we were above. He was trying to charge them when we landed. There was a little celebration & dancing when we landed.

Oh yeah! Wish you were here!

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