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Slipping all over the place at Tam-awan Village

Tam-awan village is a very cool little park featuring lots of slippery trails & traditional, authentic Ifugao & Kalinga houses. We didn't go to that many sites on our Baguio visit but I'm thinking this is one of the very few that are worth it. The village started in 1998, which is relatively recent compared to how old the other tourist traps are. None of us have ever been here before despite regular visits to Baguio growing up.

Highlights: It was very cool to get up close with the traditional homes. You can actually even stay at these places! I think if they run out of huts though, they put you up in these smaller make-shift (modern) homes that look like funky bathrooms. Make sure you like what you see before reserving. I like all the landscape, the art, the trails.
Cast of Characters: Joj, Jud, Ann, Mel, moi
Logistics/ Links: Tam-awan village website.
When: We went late November, 2011. Great time to go. Weather was nice when we were there. Be warned though- it still rains a lot in November in the Philippines (December too).
Location: see link above for their contact info. Its a taxi ride away from anywhere in Baguio. Oh, getting a taxi ride back might take you a while. You have to chance upon one which might take a few mins.
Cost: Php50/ $1. Not bad at all!
Trip Report: I thought this was a great place! Seriously, all of us slipped on the trails! Well except for Jud. She stayed below after taking one look at all the slippery steps involved. Things like slipping & falling in public don't happen to people like Mel. Well, that's most of us. I appreciate all their efforts in promoting our culture & heritage. Great job Chanum foundation!
The crew

Not the best spiderweb shot

Beginning our walk around the place

I think the only thing that bugged me a bit was the string of Japanese styled lanterns. They look nice but completely out of place amidst the everything Filipino setting.

Some interesting rocks

We tried to look for the viewpoint facing the China sea. The map they gave sucks (or maybe we're just navigationally challenged). We didn't find it. If you're going, make sure to ask staff members before you head out.

Beautiful Baguio flowers.

One of the traditional homes in the area.

Some more local plants

Slippery trails

Traditional Ifugao homes you can stay in

Close- up shot of the roof

moss-lichen blobs on the rocks

Some beautiful orchids

This was pretty interesting.

Skulls and bones everywhere.

It was a lovely trip

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