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Tomb raiding: All Saints day in Angeles City

 I wanted to spend All Saints day at my hometown thinking I can hit 2 birds with 1 stone. Have a  mini-reunion with everyone at the same time try to get good pics at the cemetery. Of course none of those worked out. I should've learned how to take low light pics first & my relatives weren't there. Oh well. It's all good. Not coming home for 6 yrs gave me a new perspective of my hometown. Everything was interesting.

Highlights: It's nice to spend All Saints day in the Philippines. There's family, lots of food, you can people watch, take lots of pics. Oooh, it would have been nice to spend Christmas or Holy week here too. Plenty of photo opportunities with all the religious & cultural events.
Cast of Characters: Me, Kih, my dad
Logistics/ Links: erm...none...n/a
When: Nov 1, 2011
: Angeles City, Philippines
Cost: free
Trip Report: 
Activity starts building up when the sun goes down from 5pm onwards. My dad & I went early in the afternoon to avoid all the traffic congestion. I have never seen soo many scooters & mopeds in Angeles City before. There wasn't that many 6 years ago! Now they have dedicated parking for them. I went back home & decided to join my brother later in the afternoon to go back to the chaotic cemetery. We hopped on to his scooter. 

Holy Mary Memorial Park. I like the design. A lot of neighboring burial plots are built like cages. Its nice how this does feel like a little park.

My dad at my grandparents grave.

Teeming masses at Roman Catholic Cemetery.

At my grandparents grave

Little boy wondering why I'm taking his picture. Or why I'm taking pictures at all. Nobody else is.

Tomb raiders. A lot of the burial plots are just abandoned by family because the place is old, chaotic & a dusty mess. I saw a little girl create a tiny make shift fence around a grave because people were walking all over it. 

Roman Catholic Cemetery in Angeles City. There was a mass going on at the other side of the cemetery. Nobody's listening as the priest goes on against domestic partnership & being gay.

She's the only pensive person I saw in the whole cemetery.

Great time for a family reunion!

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