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Walking penis trees, edible termites & virgin forests

We went out for a very interesting nature walk with a knowledgeable rainforest expert. I didn't realize there was such a thing as primary & secondary rainforest. Rara Avis is an old-growth/ primary rainforest. The trees have never been cut down or destroyed. We did walk through a lot of secondary forests in Costa Rica, most of which will prolly take centuries before they even start looking like the primary forests. 

Highlights: The penis tree! I'm just kidding. Hiking through the beautiful pristine natural environment, seeing all the life and diversity was definitely the highlight!
Cast of Characters: Sharon, Lucas, Shyamal, Lori, Simon, Kevin, Massimo, Daniel, Kate, Steve, me & our nature guide.
Logistics/ Links: Rara Avis was part of our tour with G Adventures. This is the nature reserve website if you're thinking of going. 
When: Went late Dec/ early Jan 2008-2009. The rainforest was lush. The weather was good. Being a rain forest, it did drizzle slightly later in the day. It was nice though. The whole area was shrouded in mist. 
Location:  Sarapiqui, Costa Rica
Cost: see link above
Trip Report: I'm just glad we didn't encounter any leeches...or worse- the botfly..*shudder. The rainforest is beautiful. We did the nature walk the day after we arrived. We put on our boots, bug juice & set off. Our guide showed us some edible termites, poison dart frogs, Tarzan vines, eyelash vipers, walking trees. The fresh, cool air was great. The crystal clear rivers were gorgeous. Its a great place for getting away from the world. 
On our way to the heart of the rainforest

The whole crew posing in front of this ginormous tree trunk

LOL! Those are actually tree roots growing. The roots grow to 'walk' towards more sunlight! Nature (& its sense of humor) never ceases to amaze me.

One of my fave pics ever! We crossed this little river through the mossy, slippery rocks. 

Steve feeling right at home...hehehe!

Steve says I look like Short Round from Indiana Jones. It felt like I was gonna slip off 0.5 seconds after they pushed me on that rope. Those vines are freakin' massive! I have never seen vines that grew that thick! I never realized you could actually do the Tarzan swinging on these.
Rainforest trails

I'm glad they put wire screens on those wooden slab steps. It was soo slippery!  And we have those hardcore rain/ hiking boots on too!

We heart Costa wait- Pura Vida!!!

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