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Walking through time at Luxor temple

Luxor (ancient Thebes) is probably my favorite city in Egypt. Its about the size of my hometown. Its not too overwhelming but still had all the conveniences & plenty of things to do.  My fellow travelers & I had some time to explore town. We decided to check out Luxor temple. We were told it was pretty close to our hotel so we walked to get there (turned out it was 2 miles). It was well worth the walk though. The place is grand!

Highlights: Adjectives that come to mind are: grandiose, magnificent, awesome!!! I love the architecture!!
Cast of Characters: Leslie, John, Rick, Val, Jack, Lewis, Lorna, Glen, me
Logistics/ Links: some cool info about the temple
When: April, 2008. Weather was perfect, gorgeous. It would be nicer if it wasn't overcast though. Seemed like the days were always overcast till we got to the western desert area.
Location: Luxor, Egypt
Cost: $9 now I think. It was $7 when we went.
Trip Report: I love walking around ancient Egyptian temples. It feels like I'm momentarily transported to another time & place (till another tourist tramples over me).  I think Egypt should be declared as a pilgrimage site for everybody to travel to. This place was awesome!!!

Good thing I kept the tickets. I lost track of all the temples & what they're called.

Awesome! My fellow travelers & I were all imagining ourselves racing down this street on chariots or something. Omg, they should totally do that & make money off of it! Take pics of tourists on chariots racing down this street, lol! Tacky but awesome!

Line of sphinxes

Very cool. There was actually not that many tourists here in this temple. Karnak was insane!!

Ahh..yes. One of my many, many blinking pics with world renowned monuments in the background. I blinked in my drivers license too (my official ID for the next 8 yrs)

Very cool!

Mosque built on top of ruins. It looks pretty good. Although, I wouldn't want to accidentally walk through that door on top.

Just wanted to give you guys a feel for what its like to walk through the space

Ancient skylights.


Egypt has granite galore. The old, crumbling statues were made of granite. Their sidewalks are made of granite!


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