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The Kung-fu Panda vista

We didn't climb on top of Moon Hill at Yangshuo. I'm not aware of other viewpoints where you can take in the dramatic karst landscape. Since we missed all that at Yangshuo & we had time at Guilin City, our guide brought us to this little viewpoint park. I completely forgot what the place is called. It had excellent views of the valley.

Highlights: Magnificent views!
Cast of Characters: Me, Mamu, Mel, Qinqin our local guide
Logistics/ Links: I forgot what this place is called
When: Mid- August, 2010. It was a pleasant day in Guilin City
Location: Guilin city
Cost: I don't know what I was on that day but I can't seem to remember a thing
Trip Report: I wouldn't go out of my way to see the place. It had excellent views but I think there are other spots where you can get the same pics.

We had to use a lift to get to the top. Fantastic views!

Weird ribbons

Interesting decor choice.

Even weirder temple

Kung fu panda!!!

I love this pic.

When we went back to town, our guide brought us to this little tea shop. We had a little taste test. She explained how the tea ceremony works, different meanings and stuff. It was a total tourist trap. The prices were ridiculous! Mel felt guilty after the little demo the lady did. I have a pretty thick skin sometimes so I passed.

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