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Western Desert Jeep Safari

We drove through the Western desert for days. Just a few miles after leaving towns, the road would get swallowed up by the desert. There was nothing to see for miles but sand and limestone formations.

Highlights: Alien-like landscape of the Western desert
Cast of Characters: Nora, Glen, John, Rick, Val, Jack, Lewis, Migu, Leslie, our 2 capable Bedouin guides & me
Logistics/ Links: I think this is the company that we used. It was part of our tour with G Adventures. I don't think our itinerary necessarily followed the trips they offer though. 
When: Mid-April, 2008. Weather was nice! A bit warm but just right. 
Location: Western desert, Egypt
Cost: Part of our tour cost
Trip Report: Our Bedouin guides are excellent desert navigators. The older one knew all the tricks to driving in the desert. The younger fellow needed a bit more experience (we were stuck in the sand at one point). It's really tricky. We drove through the desert for about 3-4 days, average of 8 hrs per day. Dust was swirling around in our jeep. Windows were open to cool off the desert heat. After our trip we were all covered in 2" of sand. Lewis' white shirt turned yellow.

A little camel caravan

The road just disappears. There are no signs. The barren, flat desert just stretches out into the horizon. I have no idea how our guides do this

Ah yes of course, the fuel gauge does not work. What GPS? We did have a steady supply of 'Habibi' songs blasting on the radio (via cassette). It was fun! It did make me feel like I was truly experiencing Egypt.

The Road. We were the only ones in the whoooole area.

Where are we again? Kidding. Just a short break here. There was a skeleton of an old jet that had crash landed here, in the middle of nowhere, ages ago. Unlucky pilot. No skeletons though.

Western desert, Egypt.

Our 2 excellent desert guides.

Lone tree in the middle of nowhere. This thing must have roots extending 300' below! Its the only living thing for the next 6 hr drive! Well, I guess there were a few military checkpoints along the 'way'.

Migu is on of the best tour guides in the planet. I hope the current situation in Egypt is not affecting his work too badly.

The dustbowl.

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  1. tour desert safari Well, I don't like roller coaster rides and that's how It was for me plus my worry that our car will topple over.


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